Runtime: 120.00min
Producer: Wilson Misago
Genre: Drama, Musical
Director: Roger NIYOYITA

Cast: CLAIRE (Umurerwa Linda), LUCKY (Niyigena J Pierre), PAPA HIRWA (Muhozi J Paul), PROVIDENCE (Uwamahoro Antoinette), MAMA HIRWA (Zaninka Joselyne), JENNIFER (Niyonkuru Aimee)


Claire, a young lady, innocent face and timid in a bar in Kigali. She looks desperate and lost, she has invited herself in this bar to drink a big glass of high volt whisky to “numb” her feelings and thoughts! 
 Claire has left her village to become a popstar in beautiful Kigali. Claire envisions herself to become a Beyonce of all singers; A talent she holds above anything else, but Kigali proposes roadblocks she must destroy to reach her destiny. 
Will Claire conquer?