About Us

ZACU ENTERTAINMENT (mostly known as ZACU) is a production and distribution house in Rwanda that was founded  in 2017.

ZACU has produced widely acclaimed Tv series content such as Seburikoko, City Maid, Indoto and Ejo si Kera and has supplied more than 800 episodes to national television RBA. Presently, the company has a library of more than 700 hours, from local short and feature movies and TV series of different genres in drama, romance, and comedy. The company produces 150+ hours content per year.

At ZACU, we produce our own content and coproduce with other producers. We also buy movies’ license to be broadcasted on our online and TV platforms.

The production & distribution house remains committed to its mission to create, develop local talents professionally and promote the creative industry through content production, job and market creation.